A downloadable game for Windows

This is a game I built for the Finally Finish Something Game Jam.

This is the first game I have actually finished. I plan on making something much better than this in the future but I felt I needed more experience. Without further-a-(mountain)dew, Red vs. Blue!


Click on a unit button (under your spawning point) to spawn that unit. This uses Unit Points (Gained back by killing an enemy or capturing the center point).

You can also move the camera around the map by moving your cursor to the edge of the window.

Install instructions

Game Jam Version -Once you have downloaded the installer (windows only sorry :c) you should find it on your desktop. The file should be named RvB-Default(the rest depends on the version). You need to run the installer as an administrator and once it is done installing it should start up automatically. If you notice any bugs please get in touch with me via itch.io messaging (more viable ways of communication will be set up shortly, please be patient).

Updated Version - An improved version within a single-runtime executable file! Download it and run it as an administrator and you are good to go!


RvB-Default- - Game Jam Version 3 MB
RvB-Default- - Updated Version 2 MB

Development log