A downloadable Tycoon for Windows

I made this game in under a week for the 2019 New Years Game Jam. The theme was "Fireworks;" in this game you assume control over a firework factory.  Try to build the most efficient workflow in order to quickly make it to the final room!


  • Edit mode
  • -- Left click to place a structure.
  • -- Right click to delete a structure.
  • -- 'W' to toggle building settings.
  • --  'R' to rotate a structure, if it can be rotated.

  • General controls
  •  -- 'Q' or ESC to toggle the game menu.


    fireWorkTycoon-v2.0.zip 7 MB
    FireworkTycoon-v2.0.exe 4 MB
    fireworkTycoon- GameJam Release 3 MB

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