A downloadable sandbox defense for Windows

Every day at nightfall, the Evil Pie Stealing Gremlins crawl out of their little hole in slipspace and threaten the fabric of this universe! Protect the Time Pie against these interdimensional beasts; you'll be tasked with invading timelines in a search for the Region Kings. Steal their power, and take the fight to the Gremlin King!

This game is still very much a work in progress. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


- During the day, the player must gather resources to create equipment, weapons, and defensive structures to prepare for the Gremlin's nightly raids!

- Mix and match different item tags to modify and personalize every aspect of your tools! There are currently 78 different custom tool and tag combinations!

- Accessories allow the player to further personalize their playstyle.

- Supply your machines with power by building and defending batteries!


AGDTP_vAlpha0.3.zip 9 MB

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Really Good game keep up the good work 

PogChamp dude